Monday, July 16, 2007

Where? WHERE?

Things that are currently missing in our 500 sq. ft. apartment:

  1. The remote for the TV. This would not be a problem, since our Tivo remote controls the power, volume, and channels... EXCEPT that it will not switch the input on the TV. So, for Jonathan to play PS2 or for us to watch a DVD, we have to manually switch the cable cord from the playstation to the TV. If you knew my husband, you would know that this is a time-consuming problem.
  2. A library book. My library record is... blemished. I tend to be a less than responsible patron, but usually I know where the book is, but just delay in turning it in. A few weeks ago, I was reading a novel in our bedroom on a Sunday afternoon. Now, I have absolutely. no. idea. where it is. And I have looked!
  3. 2 mice with jingle tails, 2 stuffed leopard-printed balls with feathers. Lola apparently has found some storage place in the apartment that I have yet to discover. Her toys disappear. They are not under the couch, or the bed, or the TV, or anywhere that I can find. Until about 30 minutes ago, this list also included a minature yellow stuffed duck. I retrieved him from under the fridge with a hanger. By the time I had returned the hanger to the closet, Mr. Quackers (Jonathan named him) had returned to his hiding spot under the fridge. I dug him out again and then put a dish towel under the fridge opening.
  4. This list goes on with other things that are escaping my mind right now.
But really! WHERE could this stuff BE?

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