Sunday, July 1, 2007

Pimp my blog!

Let me just say that I am very proud of myself. I found a tutorial about how to add a picture to the top of my blog. Then, I found a picture on google image search... BUT, it wasn't big enough.
SO I made it bigger in the new image editing software that came with our printer (which is surprisingly RICH in features!)... BUT, it was kind of pixelated because I had made it bigger. SO I added an "oil painting" filter to make it look pretty... BUT it wasn't quite the right color. SO I added blue to it to make it match the background.

Anyway, I'm just excited I discovered how to use the softwre, and how to make my blog prettier. :)

(all the while, Lola snuggles IN my lap, UNDER the laptop. She almost doesn't fit (I think she's growing faster than she realizes)! But I bet she likes the warmth the motor makes.)

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