Thursday, July 19, 2007

BooMama Hooked Me Up!

monk & neagle banner

Yesterday, BooMama alerted the blogosphere that she would post a link today that would lead to a free Monk & Neagle CD! Now, I had not heard of Monk & Neagle until she started raving about them, but I had heard a couple of their songs on the radio without realizing it.

If you hurry, maybe you can get one too! Just go to this webpage. But hurry!


sheryl said...

Just wanted to thank you for stopping by and entering my drawing!
Have a wonderful weekend!

hailey said...

Aww man! I love Christian music and I am always trying to find some new artists! I went to their website but they were all out of free ones=( And it doesn't release until September! I guess I will have to wait for it! You know those songs you instantly love, well, that is how I felt with most of these that I listened to!