Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday: June 13

Maybe it's just me, but when I cook refried beans to go with Mexican food (like the quesadillas we had last night), I ALWAYS burn some of them to the bottom of the pan, and then have a horrible time cleaning it up. Apparently, I am bean-cooking challenged.

Recently, instead, I started cooking them in the microwave in my 1.5 qt. pyrex bowl... Works great! I don't usually "cook" in the microwave unless something is frozen, but refried beans are one thing I doubt I will ever cook on the stove again.

See what works for other people at Shannon's blog, Rocks in my Dryer.


Lana G! said...

Funny how certain things are just better done in the microwave. I always get that hard to clean layer in the bottom of my pan when I do refried beans. Definitely will try these in the micro. Thanks!

Girl Gone Wild said...

You would like by 2007 I would learn to do more things in my microwave, but...

Thanks for the tip, I definitely needed it for the beans!