Monday, June 4, 2007

Meal Plan Monday

Hi! First time posting (to my blog, AND to MPM!), but I love reading Laura's blog at I'm An Organizing Junkie. I'm working till midnight several nights this week, so we don't have many meals on our mealplan, but I thought I'd share what we do have!

Slow-Cooker Onion Soup Pork Chops
Crab & Penne Casserole (from Simple & Delicious Magazine)
Parmesan Chicken Fingers (also from Simple & Delicious)
Mango CousCous w/ Salmon (yet again, from Simple & Delicious)

All of those links to the magazine are subscriber only, I'm guessing because they came out of recent issues. I would be glad to post the recipes, if anyone's interested!

Slow-Cooker Onion Soup Pork Chops (easy!)
Put pork chops in the slow cooker.
Add 1 can chicken broth (I guess you could use a different stock/broth also).
Add 1 packet of onion soup mix.
Cook on low 8 hours or high 4 hours.

This is SOOOOOOOO good! Jon & I think it would be good with Mashed Potatoes, but I haven't had time to do both together yet.


tegdirb92 said...

oohh--that mango and couscous sounds delicious!! Welcome to MPM!!

Posh Mama said...

I can't believe how EASY and how GOOD the crockpot pork chops sounds, now all I need are some pork chops... Great menu!! Welcome to MPM! There are so many great ideas floating around :)

Renee's Ramblings said...

Welcome to MPM! Your menu sounds really good!

In Light of the Truth... said...

I'm gonna try your crockpot pork chops this week! =)