Saturday, August 18, 2007

To be perfect...

I think I've written about this before, but sometimes, I just feel like I don't measure up as a wife/housekeeper. (Now, be kind, because I'm about to be really transparent about the kind of housekeeper I am. Note that none of this reflects on my Momma, who is an excellent housekeeper... somehow it just didn't seem to 'take' with me.) The feeling usually strikes when the sink is full of dirty dishes, the hamper is full of clothes, and I know good and well that the clothes in the washing machine have been in there for a couple of days and will need to be re-washed with white vinegar before I can start any more. Meanwhile, clutter is piling up on the coffee table, the bed's not made, and... I think you get the picture.

Bottom line, while I want my home to be a sanctuary for my husband, myself, our friends, and anyone else who happens to pass through our doors, I have some trouble executing that. And I don't even have kids to worry about!

Katherine, at Raising Five, has written a post that makes me feel a *little* bit better about that. She writes that we need to remember the difference between Homemaking and Housekeeping. Housekeeping is one job of a homemaker, but that's not all. Filling our homes with love, charity, and the warmth of the love of Christ is our primary responsibility. Also, she says that measuring ourselves by a fictitious "perfect" standard sets us up for disappointment in ourselves and, inevitably, failure.

Oh that I could remember these points! I know that the perfect standard I imagine is unattainable. I am not perfect. We're all flawed! I need to try, to do what I can, and to realize that there are more important things than having a perfect house--specifically, to work on having a warm, inviting home.

(excuse me, I have to go put those clothes in the dryer now, before they mildew!)

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Anonymous said...

I totally understand. Have you tried doing 15 minutes of housework together as a couple after dinner or right before bed? Doing that has really helped nathan and I keep the place cleaner.

Even if your apartment is slightly messy, you are still a great housewife. :) You make amazing dinners for your hubby and sometimes as a student housework isn't the highest on the priority list. When I get onto myself about how my apartment is not as clean as my parent's house, she always reminds me that she has cleaned the house for 27 years and that it took time for her to learn.

I hope all is well!! :)