Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I recommend...

There have been several things brewing around in my mind that I wanted to recommend to anyone who happens to read this, so I figured I'd just make a list.

  • My. Goodness. Monk & Neagle's "Twenty-First Time" is my new favorite CD! I am so glad that I got a review copy so that I can tell you guys to all go out and get it! Especially great songs: Beautiful You, Hallelujah Jesus, Wonderful Angel, Into Orbit... Basically, it's a great mix of Jesus songs and Love songs with an acoustic sound that just makes me grin.
  • Quaker Rice Snacks in Ranch Flavor- I've been bringing these in my lunch every day. They are SO good! :) They have just the right amount of seasoning, and the crunch I need to make me feel like I'm eating something bad for me.

  • www.hungry-girl.com: I just found this website. It's written in a cute, funny tone, and has all kinds of great tips on healthy eating alternatives. I signed up to receive the daily e-mails, but in the mean time I'm having a great time going through the archives!


Mary@notbefore7 said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be checking out hungry girl tonight!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sending me the link to hungry girl. I really liked it. I will also have to check out the rice cakes. I hope all is well.

Beth@Sportsmomma said...

I LOVE hungry girl!! I just received the lunch tote that I orderd from there! It's is oh so cute!!!