Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bored to tears...

What is the origin of the phrase, "Bored to tears?" At any rate, I think it's possible. I'm actually so bored that I feel like tears could spring to my eyes at any moment. Rescue me! What do you do when you're this bored?

(note: I spent the last 15 minutes googling for the origin of the phrase "bored to tears". Now that that 15 minutes is over, what will I do for the rest of my 3.5 hour work day?????)


Rachel Anne said...

1. organize paper clips
2. line up all the pens, by color
3. make up a song that goes along with the ticking of a clock
4. push the cuticles back on all your fingernails
5. find split ends

Just trying to be helpful! Hope the rest of your day was great and something really, really exciting happened, like a fire drill.

Palavras Apenas said...

sometimes i'm just like you, so bored that I wanna cry =S
What I try to do is, think about good things that could happen to me...
At work, I use to talk to my boss and ask him something to do, cause I didnt like to be doing nothing... kind a crazy right? I know... But, by doing this, in like 2 weeks, I got a promotion ( <== dunno if i wrote right) seriously.. he said that like people who likes work.
(but i was just bored.. lol)
well.. anyway, i liked your blog.. nice to meet u..
sorry about my english, I'm from Brazil.. cya

Jessica said...

Over from Home Sanctuary and wanted to say hi. Also, when all else fails.... sleep! It's good for the soul! Or, take a nice bath and then give yourself a pedicure!